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What are the best selling smart home products


Smart Home is the hottest word in the modern era. Smart home makes it popular around the world with its high-tech sensory experience. Whether it is a Smart Home System or a smart home product, the intelligent lifestyle brought by smart home makes smart home in a short time. Internally, it seizes the global home furnishing market, and in the consumer field of people, it has become the household product that people most want to purchase. What are the most popular products in many Smart Home Products? Which smart home products are best sold?

Selling smart home products

1, smart magic mirror

2, Smart Door Lock

3, smart scene control panel

4, background music system products

5, home theater system products

Why are these five products easy to sell? Xiao Bian thinks there are several reasons:

1, high face value

Although Yan value does not represent everything, people's pursuit of beauty has been there since ancient times. Just like smart mirrors and Smart Locks, the stylish appearance has always attracted people's attention.

2, high-tech experience

The purpose of the birth of a smart home is to bring people an intelligent lifestyle. High-tech experience is one of the most important manifestations. The intelligent scene controller and one-click control of various scenes in the home can make people really feel technology. Your own side.

There are also four other products that can bring high-tech experiences to people, such as smart mirrors. When people get up and brush their teeth, they can check the weather information of the day and inquire about the traffic conditions of a road section; background music. The system allows users to linger in the ocean of music in every room in the home.

3, extravagant life

Nowadays, smart homes are no longer the luxury products of people's ideas. These five kinds of smart home products with low prices and good quality not only look beautiful, but also bring high-tech experience, but also enable people to enjoy light and extravagant life. Why not choose What?

A detailed analysis of the five best-selling smart home products

One, smart mirror


Many advertisements on TV have clearly told people that the mirror is the best monitor to look up. Every morning, people look up and brush their teeth, and they must look in the mirror. Why, then, do not integrate technology into the mirror? The smart mirror is the product of the fusion of technology and mirrors.

There are many smart mirrors in the market, divided into different types of magic mirrors, including TV magic mirrors, bathroom mirrors, beauty dressing mirrors, fitness mirrors, and so on. These different types of magic mirrors are all very powerful. People play an important role in daily life.

The best selling smart mirror

One of the hottest smart mirrors currently on the market is the bathroom mirror, and in the bathroom mirror, the most favorite thing is the EVIS smart bathroom mirror.

Evangelical smart bathroom mirror can not only be used when bathing, but also can be used as a TV magic mirror. The mirror surface adopts special electroplating mirror glass. This mirror glass is controlled through special design and processing, which can control the passage of light. The transparency and reflection we usually say let consumers not only watch TV but also pay attention to their body when bathing.

The manufacturer of this product is Shenzhen Oushixian Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Oushixian Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of display products such as smart mirror waterproof TV, multimedia advertising machine, smart poster machine, LCD splicing screen, etc. Production and sales of one company. Is a professional multimedia display equipment manufacturer with great production and marketing strength...

Second, smart door locks


The role of door locks in the field of home security is very important. From the development of traditional metal door locks to the current smart door locks, it has been very clear to people that door locks are the highest guarantee for ensuring home safety. Do you want to be absolutely safe at home? First change smart door locks!

There are many smart door locks, such as voice-activated electronic locks, infrared locks, IC card locks, fingerprint locks, password locks, eye locks, and so on. The smart locks' convenience, fashion, and safety features have won the recognition of high-end consumers.

The best selling smart lock

The smart door lock that is currently best sold on the market is the Picasso smart door lock, which is fully unlocked with a car handle type door handle. The fingerprint is unlocked with the Swedish FPC semiconductor fingerprint. The lock body adopts a hollow cup motor to drive the gear transmission, and supports fingerprint unlocking and password. Unlocking, swiping card unlocking, and unlocking the mobile phone APP.

The manufacturer of this product is Shenzhen Qianhai Picasso Wisdom Fingerprint Technology Co., Ltd. Speaking of Picasso, everyone is familiar with it. The “Picasso” brand smart lock will pursue the perfection of the artist and continue to break through. The spirit of change will be integrated into the product design. in……

Third, smart scene control panel


The smart home brings people high-tech experience firstly to the lighting control. One-touch control of various scenes in the home can make people really feel that technology is on their side, and intelligent lighting products that complement the scene control panel become The first choice for people to purchase smart home products.

There are many types of smart scene control panels, such as single-on, double-on, and three-intelligent lighting controllers, as well as scene control and free stickers. These products are not only easy to install, but also provide one-button operation control methods for consumers. Can not put it down.

Best Selling Smart Scene Controller

The smart scene controller that is best sold on the market is the purple light object intelligent scene control panel. The purple light scene controller truly allows the user to experience different scene modes. The user can pass any mobile terminal even if it is thousands of miles away. The device can be controlled at your heart to achieve different physical and mental enjoyment. This product offers a variety of scene selections, users can configure their own scenes according to their needs and habits, such as warm home mode, romantic dining mode, etc., to meet different needs; panel appearance stylish and attractive, add bright colors for the home environment.

The manufacturer of this product is Shanghai Ziguang Leilian IoT Technology Co., Ltd., and Ziguang Wulian Technology Co., Ltd. is the world's leading provider of wireless smart products and solutions. With the most advanced mainstream IoT wireless technology, ZigBee auto-networking technology, the company has developed more than 50 smart home products in 14 categories and over 50 smart home products that can achieve local and remote control. The technology and performance have reached the international advanced level. , With international CE certification.

Fourth, background music system products


Light luxury can also bring smart life. In the smart home, a little extravagant product is background music system products and home theater system products. People want to enjoy a truly intelligent lifestyle. The whole house background music system and home theater system are Essentially, Xiaobian only talks about background music system products. The home theater system will be mentioned below.

The background music system can concentrate and play audio sources to every corner of the home, displaying powerful audio performance in multiple audio areas. The multi-zone background music matrix amplifier and stereo speakers allow you to enjoy music in every room of your home. Ocean.

There are many background music system products, including background music hosts, ceiling speakers, music controllers and other products.

Best Selling Background Music System Products

The best-selling background music system on the market is Control 4 background music related products. This product supports up to 16 different audio sources and 16 different output areas, full matrix switching function and independent gain control in each area. , When more than 8 audio sources and/or output areas are needed, it is the best choice for use with Control4 amplifiers.

Control 4 is a U.S. company that specializes in providing smart home solutions. Its wholly-owned subsidiary in China is Kangfu Intelligent Control Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., providing comprehensive product training and technical support to authorized distributors. After-sales service, dealer system management and market support work to ensure that end consumers get a complete smart home design, equipment commissioning and after-sales service.

Fifth, home theater system products


I believe that every friend has been to the cinema, 3D surround sound plus 3D glasses so that everyone can immersively feel the charm of 3D movies, you want to experience the cinema experience at home? Then install a home theater system at home!

A complete home theater system consists of four major components: the overall room construction, video systems, audio systems, and signal sources and control systems. Each section is a very important section. To maximize the effectiveness of home theater, you cannot ignore every aspect of it.

The best selling home theater system products

The best selling home theater system products on the market are concentrating electronic home theater-related products. These products include speakers, stereo speakers, projection screens, and projectors.


The manufacturers of these products are Guangdong Congguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Concentrated Electronics (formerly Juhui Electronics) smart products include: own brand “KOTI” smart home systems, professional home theater systems, smart community systems, digital building intercom systems , community service operation platform, intelligent parking system, etc., to provide customers with a full range of smart life solutions and technical services.

The five kinds of smart home products mentioned above are considered by Xiaobian to be best sold. These products are deeply loved by consumers and want to buy these products? You can view various information of these smart home products (http://) at, allowing you to quickly choose a smart home product that suits you.

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